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Zagreb / Hrvatska


Croatian musician and producer real name Robert Selimovic has been  contributing to domestic electronic scene  since early ’90. Composing music for theatrical performance "R.U.R" 1992. , turn out to break point in his musical expression involving more soothing electronic sounds in his music. Since then he recorded enormous number of solo and collaborative tracks of widely quality  and electronic genres both under his own name and various other project monikers, most recognizable music is signed like  "NuLix". Starts of  2000. and dawn of new millennium he contributes with music and ideas to  creating highly acclaimed series of promo CDs that presents electronic scene in Croatia.This creative period  became one avenue through which he channeled some highly innovative electronic beats and sounds (“New Coat-Mediterranean house session” 2002, Summer Grooves 2004.). Currently involved in  "groovecaffe"   netlabel (founder), promoting new talented artists from domestic and world electronic scene.