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Junglemire Conflict [EP]



3 tracks - 10 min 34 sec - 24,2 MB

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01.Conflict04:14(9.7 MB).mp3
02.2Drop03:01(6.9 MB).mp3
03.Form03:19(7.6 MB).mp3
Conflict [EP]. EP opens up with the main headline "Conflict", ultimately reverse "glitchy" dub tune, skillfully introducing an apocalyptic futuristic landscape, permeated into an electronic back-sparking, alluding to some imaginary instrumental conflicts.
Story continues with "2Drop" which perfectly reflects ideas from the first track, enriched with gentle piano melody somewhere in the middle of tune and shifted analog textures. To end, musically attractive "Form", punctuated rhythm analogous sequences, deep and surreal piece of music that will certainly captivate you and pull under your skin with a bit dreamy, hypnotic story. And this is not the end, as once  back in 1977, Ralf Hütter visionary predicted ; " with electronic music, anything is possible, it deletes the boundaries of nations, differences and language barriers, the only obstacle standing is the composer imagination..."
Junglemire's remarkable musical miniature images  is perfect example of that statement and times in which it occurs, luring you to discover and listen EP, again and again.

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Conflict [EP]
Junglemire, 2010 groovecaffe netlabel.